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Bilateral Meetings

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  • Thursday 13:00 - 16:30
Description "Interactiv" J.S.C. construction company was founded on November 2nd 1995 and operates on the real estate and service providing market in the Republic of Moldova, with activities such as: construction of private property; construction of residential neighborhoods; engineering construction; finishing works; installation of the internal and external engineering gas, water and sewer networks; installation of autonomous heating systems; production of metal and aluminum constructions (doors, windows, walls, stained glass, etc..) Taking the role of general contractor, subcontractor or investor of civil and industrial projects, “Interactiv” J.S.C.managed to realize several important projects. The company is proud of implementing and using the newest technology, materials and equipment. It was the first company in the country that applied the individual planning of apartments system in 1997; has initiated the installation of individual heating systems; had built the first underground parking, and in 2002 has initiated the installation of water meters in sanitary rooms for inspection by the competent state authorities, without disturbing the tenants. The company employs engineers, supervisors, managers and certified workers in the field who enjoy social and health insurances, labor protection, adequate salaries and special equipment to ensure the quality of the work performed. “Interactiv” J.S.C. holds the ISO 9001; 14001; 18001 Quality Certificates and has implemented an integrated management system to increase productivity, client satisfaction and trust, to afford price reduction, and to expand and strengthen the real estate market.
Organization Type Company
CityChisinau, 105, Inculet Street Google map
Areas of Activities

Renewable energy and following infrastructure

    Energy Efficiency

      Solid Waste Management



          Cooperation in the field of solid waste processing

          INTERACTIV JSC, is interested in initiating a cooperation in the field of waste processing and green energy production.

          The company is namely interested in the experience of other countries waste processing, waste burning for the production of energy, burning garbage by pyrolysis, meaning burning with laser rays without use of oxygen.
          The company request meetings with companies having as activity the utilization (processing) of waste and production of green energy.

          Cooperation Requested
          1. Investment/Financing
          2. Technical co-operation
          3. Outsourcing co-operation