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DescriptionExecom was established in 1995 with the focus on the complete software engineering cycle: from idea, design and production to maintenance of complex software solutions. Our headquarters are located in Novi Sad, Serbia, a prominent University center. We are committed to delivering complex solutions of high quality on time. We do the heavy stuff: thinking with the client, de-risking projects and helping them stay on top with the latest technologies. We work with the best people – software engineers at their hearts, technology devotees and certified professionals.
Organization Type Company
CityNovi Sad, Bulevar vojvode Stepe 50 Google map
Areas of Activities


    Offer & Request

    OEMs in waste water management

    We want to get in touch with OEMs in waste water management sector and are looking forward to building a strong network upon establishing successful first contact. Let's bring new ideas to life!

    Keywords: networkingOEMwaste waterwaste water managementconnectionidea
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    Focusing on development in IoT area, our R&D department was founded 6 years ago. Today, we have a spin off company called WolkAbout which has developed its own smart IoT platform, but our IoT department is working in the same discipline, as well. Besides the platform, we have experience in working with AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT. The main focus of Execom IoT department is the embedded part of IoT solutions, but we do not shy away from custom cloud implementation either.

    Overall, we possess knowledge to work on any part of IoT solution. Because we have broad knowledge of IoT, we are able to develop turnkey IoT solutions (IoT client, IoT server, mobile clients).

    Know-how areas:
    - IoT client integration
    - IoT gateway development
    - IoT sensor hub development
    - Home Automation
    - IoT cloud knowledge
    - Mobile IoT application development
    - Bluetooth implementation
    - Bluetooth certification

    - MQTT
    - Bluetooth Low Energy
    - JSON
    - REST
    - XMPP
    - TR-069 (remote device access and monitoring, may be used in IoT)
    - WiFi
    - LoRa
    - 3G
    - HTTP digest
    - Stun

    - C/C++
    - System programming
    - Bluetooth device development
    - Linux
    - Software architecture
    - Hardware interaction
    - Git
    - Gerrit
    - SVN
    - Python
    - Porting
    - Cross-compiling
    - IPC communication
    - Serial communication
    - Android development

    - Linux
    - Windows
    - Embedded Linux
    - RTOS
    - Bare metal

    - Works well on any operating system
    - Develop a modular solution
    - Easily add/subtract modules (functionalities)
    - Easily include different communication protocols
    - Keep it simple

    Keywords: IoTInternet of Thingssoftware developmentsmart devicessoftware architecturehardware interactionhardware integrationcommunication protocolsLinuxWindowsAzureAWSLoRaMQTTStunC++CC#Blueto
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    Being online and available is so integrated into our lives that many people feel uncomfortable without internet access or a smartphone. The applications we build are customized and run across different browsers and platforms: home controlling and automation, payment processing, integration with other services and applications (e.g. Google Maps), booking, real-estate renting, lifestyle habits tracking. Naturally, they are simplified and right-sized for Android and iOS operating systems.

    Execom has experience in creating the following mobile applications:
    - Emergency Management - helps teachers plan and prepare for medical, dietary and logistical concerns when travelling with students
    ion about the event
    - Manure Transport Tracking - sends messages to the government in different phases of transport, reads truck states and GPS position via Bluetooth, and displays information to the user on the main application screen
    - Android Custom Lock Screen - lock screen app with a built-in store for earning points and purchasing coupons with a Scala back-end
    - Samsung VR - created the biggest Swiss newspaper publisher, enables readers to enjoy the content while watching interesting 360 videos with Samsung VR glasses
    - Mobile Payment Platform - providing users with the possibility to register their personal information and tokenize their card for later usage
    - Car Wash Services - provides the user with the possibility of locating the nearest self-service car wash integrated in the system, purchasing (cashless payments) and spending virtual chips (tokens), and winning bonus tokens (awarding loyalty).
    - Password Manager - logs you into any website without having to enter your passwords, native iOS, using database encryption and networking with encrypted data
    - Bitcoins Exchange - portable, private, secure identity management app for individual and group interactions
    - Multiple Lab Instruments Communication System - displays instrument parameters, allows user to see a real time chart of instrument data and receive push notifications from instruments
    - Extraction Instrument Reports App - helps the customer to calculate the fat content of samples and creates a PDF/Excel report for the records

    Tech stack:
    - Xamarin Native
    - Xamarin.Forms
    - OutSystems
    - C#
    - Android Native SDK
    - Android Annotations
    - Geocoder
    - Geofencing
    - Unity
    - Swift
    - React Native
    - Node.js

    Keywords: mobile appsoftware developmentAndroidiOSWPFnative developmentcross-platform developmentmobile applicationsSwiftXamarinOutSystems
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    2. Technical co-operation

    Innovation and determination

    We are determined to leave our mark in this world and create advanced and complex software solutions that will have a big impact. If you are interested in creating a product that will do just the same, we are a match. We cover the entire software engineering cycle: from idea, design, implementation and maintenance. We can help you focus on launching your product, while we take care of everything IT-related. Let's shape the future together and create a new world of waste water management.

    Keywords: software developmentwaste waterengineeringsoftware solutionsgreen industryecologyideaIT
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    Execom develops software for OEMs, medical devices, laboratory analyzers, solutions for retail and smart houses.

    When developing software for this domain, international standards have to be applied. Testing is not rarely conducted in simulated conditions, which makes it particularly demanding. Foremost, due to some instruments being used in healthcare or process control, developed software needs to work flawlessly and results have to be spot on.

    The priority is to write algorithms that execute precise data analysis, whether the results refer to blood tests, gas emissions, or kerosene quality. We create software for controlling and monitoring in the areas of energy consumption and generation, lighting, robotics and security.

    We have experience in:
    - Petrochemical Analyses
    - Medical Devices automation
    - Chemical Analyses
    - Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyses
    - Retail Tracking
    - Allergy Readers automation

    Standards applied:
    - ASTM International
    - DIN
    - D
    - ISO
    - IP
    - FDA

    - .Net
    - WPF
    - SQLite
    - TestLink
    - SQL Server
    - Entity Framework

    Keywords: software developmentITindustrial automationtest equipmentanalyzerslab equipmentadvanced analysis
    Cooperation Offered
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    2. Technical co-operation