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Szabadics Zrt

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Professional field The predecessor of Szabadics Zrt. was founded in 1990 with civil engineering as its main business activity. Since then, we have earned references in the construction of public utility networks, sewer lines and sewerage systems, rainwater drainage systems, in the implementation of hydraulic engineering structures and also in the field of drinking water systems (see the detailed list below). We are highly experienced of building constructions as well as the manegment of liquid and solid waste in the field of technology. We have our own capacity of resources (personnel and machinery) necessary to implement construction projects. The name “SZABADICS” is a leading trade name in Hungary, with high reputation and recognition on the market. Our company maintains an innovative and complex business management system unique
in the field of construction, and its use enables us to implement traditional projectcontrolling from the planning phase to the post-calculation. We aim at the permanent improvement of our inner accounting system in order to ensure business calculations as accurate as possible. In addition, we have well-controlled internal procedures and business objectives defined on the basis of quality. We maintain stable strategic business relationships with both our suppliers and our subcontractors. From the date of foundation until 2012, the main business activity of our company remained the construction of sewerage systems, but in 2012, we also earned profit from the branch of hydraulic engineering structures, soon followed by the start of our newest business branch of drinking water in 2013. By launching these two new branches – the Hydraulic Engineering Structures in 2012 and the Drinking Water in 2013 – we have gained important professional experience, knowledge of market and references. The references and the knowledge of market is a necessity, but not sufficient to implement projects. The expansion of our resources is also a requirement for successful project implementation, and we handle this as a key objective.
Sewerage Our company started its activities with sewerage construction, i.e. the construction of sewer systems for local municipalities and the development of existing sewage treatment plants in the Transdanubian region of Hungary (“Dunántúl”). Therefore, most of our references are related to this area regarding either their physical nature or the field of activities.
Hydraulic Engineering Structures Our business branch Hydraulic Engineering Structures implements projects related to water management, construction of hydraulic engineering structures, flood control and river control; in detail: - construction of new water management facilities, dams, river banks and floodgates, improvement of existing dams and river banks, refurbishment of floodgates and their blocking systems; - construction of flood control lines, inland water control lines with collection zones and sewers, and their engineering structures; - construction of open rainwater drainage systems and their engineering structures; - construction and refurbishment of bank protection structures, river banks and their pavements; - removal of mud from the beds of rivers, creeks, lakes, canals and reservoirs; - construction of reservoirs, storm water storage basins, pump stations and their engineering structures; - construction of liquid manure tanks and fishing ponds.

 Drinking Water In 2013, our company expanded its field of activities by the construction and refurbishment of drinking water systems. 65 % of the water requirement of the public utility water supplies in Hungary is supplied from endangered or hazardous water reserves. Thus, the improvement of the safety of drinking water supply is vital by means of constructing up-to-date water purification systems for localities with highly endangered water supplies. The object of our company is to improve these conditions through the activity of this business branch of ours.
Solid Waste Following the 2008-2009 crisis the company desided to expand its activities and competences. Beside the construction of line facilities the company incresed the investments in nature conversation, such as landfill construction, rehabilitation, modernization, extantion and construction of solid waste treatment plants.

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