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INNOVANDO SRL is a thriving Italian company that provides end to end industrial waste management & legal compliance solutions to SMEs and large enterprises across Europe. Established to support its clients with an innovative Extended Producer Responsibility & Environmental Eco-Innovation Consulting services, Innovando has quickly set its market dominance with 30.000+ tons of waste collected from over 2.000 points across Italy. 

Our working methodology and know-how have been developed in biomass and organic waste management, more precisely in transforming municipal sewage sludge into fertilizers and soil conditioners for an overall sustainable agriculture. The obtained high-quality fertilizer is further used to replace the synthetic one. This process takes place on all our plants distributed nationwide, thus confronting diversity of  soil types  along with their challenges.

Moreover, our commitment and experience in maximizing energy recovery from a sludge has been legally entitled to the national fertilizers list, defined by the Italian Law. Consequently, this market-leader attribution progressed our first-mover advantages in new market - Serbia.

Why Serbia? 

Protecting water from pollution happened to be the most undeveloped area of environmental protection in Serbia. Apart from the sewage infrastructure improvements, this country also needs an urgent and sustainable, longer-term solution for municipal wastewater treatment. Knowing that wastewater treatment process produces an increasing quantities of sludge, with a very high disposal difficulties and costs (approximately ½ of waste operating costs in Europe are associated exactly with sludge treatment and disposal), our innovative solution comes as the next logical step. The amount of contaminated sludge speaks for „the most polluted country in Europe“, along with the top challenging Chapter 27 sustainability-related problems. Not only that our innovative solution eliminates waste entirely, and therefore improves sludge operation costs, but this technology transforms biological sludge into fertilizers for their direct use in agriculture. Thus, it does not come as a surprise the uniqueness and a huge potential for an overall industry growth.

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