Roemer Goossensen

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Afmitech Friesland BV

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DescriptionOur company is specialized in decentralised wastewater treatment systems and aeration technology. We offer affordable and effective biological wastewater treatment solutions SME and municipalities for upto 80m3 day. Our aertion technology is state of the art and delivers high perforamance at low energy costs. All systems are modular, certified and patents apply for the developed treatment technology. We deliver excellent quality and lasting design leading to lower cost of ownership.
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City8502 TP , Sneekermeer 6 Google map
Areas of Activities

Sustainable Water Management


    Solutions for decentralised waste watertreatment

    Decentralised wastewater treatment offers several advantages: reliable, cost saving and flexible. Space saving installations, low maintenance and affordable investments are main arguements. Systems can be used for domestic wastewater, hotels, resorts, food production, dairy farms, breweries. Immediate positive results for the environment after installation.

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