KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Europe GmbH

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DescriptionKGE provides a complete and comprehensive range of products and services from one single source. Based on deep industry expertise and experience KGE plans, produces, installs and maintains Gas Turbine Generator Sets, mainly as cogeneration units. With performances ranging from 1,700 kWe to 30,000 kWe and 3,700 kWth to 75,000 kWth, over 160 of such units are already installed throughout Europe and over 7,800 worldwide. Serving the European cogeneration markets since 1975, KGE customers benefit since 1998 from services and solutions covering the entire life cycle of a Gas Turbine Generator Set, i. e. planning and engineering, assembly, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Considering our customer`s specific requirements and conditions, we set up cogeneration facilities which fit their needs. In order to comply with the latest environmental legal requirements and safety standards, we also upgrade already existing facilities.
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Renewable energy and following infrastructure

    Energy Efficiency